Guangdong Liandong New Energy Co., Ltd. focuses on R&D and production of new energy batteries

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 Service Process: 
1, the customer Work Department: 
⑴ repair after receiving customer by customer assistant work detail, accurately record customer information, the name of the project leader and repair content; If customers have specific requirements Modified caveats. 
⑵ Assistant notice modify client work contact the customer site maintenance personnel. If the customer when a call undetermined modification time, and require staff to be notified within 24 hours initially agreed with the customer service and customer feedback working part time, customers will visit Assistant to work within 24 hours of maintenance personnel, such as staff not Contact Customer or agreed working hours, will be re-arranged for staff to client work department. 
After receiving customer feedback
⑶ assistant approached by a client to work specific issues, while the contents of the records to the customer repair "Customer routine maintenance" on. 
2, the Engineering Department: 
Detailed records of warranty case after receiving customer feedback, the modified single cross staff, "Customer routine maintenance" work department assistant handle turn customer while the customer repair work assistant data entry to the newspaper "Maintenance Tables" in. Workers and other segments: segment to reflect the detailed case records and customer-related work units processed to notify the customer in writing. Assistant print job by the customer have to work out the corresponding single was forwarded to the appropriate department based on work items.
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