Guangdong Liandong New Energy Co., Ltd. focuses on R&D and production of new energy batteries

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First, the equipment maintenance staff 
1, Education: secondary or high school education; 
2, Age :18-35 years old; 
3, holds a valid certificate electrician jobs,; 
4, can be familiar with basic mechanical maintenance, electrical wiring installation; 
5, with the electrical aspects of the work experience of more than 1 year; lithium-ion battery equipment maintenance experience is preferred; 
6, the working environment: clean, air-conditioning plant; 
7, salary negotiable. 
Second, clerk 2 
A marketing related professionals; 
2, with more than 1 year lithium battery sales experience, familiar with the target customer groups, male or female; 
3, proactive work attitude, work can take the initiative to overcome the difficulties, strong communication skills, and a pioneering spirit, team spirit; 
4, willing to accept challenging work, able to work under pressure; 
5, there is abundant customer resources, there are industry leaders work experience is preferred. 
Three, IPQC 2
1, Education: high school or higher education; 
2, serious and responsible work, good communication skills, hard working, proactive, obedience work; 
3, holds a valid ID (second generation); 
4, the working conditions: clean, air-conditioning plant; 
5, there is a lithium-ion battery work experience is preferred;
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