Guangdong Liandong New Energy Co., Ltd. focuses on R&D and production of new energy batteries

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Guangdong Liandong New Energy Co., Ltd.. is one of China's largest battery manufacturers, the main production of Lithium battery manufacturer,18650 battery pack,Lithium battery pack,Power battery,Polymer finished battery., is the most complete variety of Chinese battery manufacturers. Founded in 2001, ten years of experience in the battery industry, can provide customers with the batteries from the battery to the finished product portfolio, a complete range of products, fully meet customer requirements. 
Billion of energy companies in Guangzhou and Zhuhai has two modern production bases, covering a total area of over 180,000 square meters, up more than 4,000 employees, the daily output of more than 700,000, million selling products in the United States to the battery power, Germany, Japan, Canada, Britain, France, more than 50 countries and regions, won the customer's trust and praise. Billion of energy companies believe that quality is the fundamental enterprise development, the company strictly in accordance with ISO9001: establishment and improvement of their quality assurance system 2000 system requirements, from raw material procurement, raw material inspection, process control to finished product shipped, and so improve the system, normal science operations, to ensure stable and reliable product quality. 
Billion of energy company firmly believes that innovation is the soul of enterprise development, and has established a strong R & D strength. Billion of R & D department can have more than 130 senior technicians, five integrated laboratory, but also established a cooperation with Tianjin University post-doctoral workstations, and Guangdong Province jointly established a rechargeable battery research center in Guangdong Province. Fully absorb the most advanced technologies, develop new products, to ensure that products meet market and customer requirements, can consolidate billion of leadership in the battery industry. 
Yili to adhere to humane management and employees as the company's most valuable resources, adhere to the staff to provide the best working environment and development, to ensure that businesses and employees common progress and development, to achieve a win-win; while concerned about environmental protection and safety, contribute to the sustainable development of human society, highlighting social responsibility. 
Good quality, timely delivery, perfect service and competitive prices, so that cell billion of praise at home and abroad, we would like the greatest genius billion of enthusiasm and efforts, together with the customer , to create a better future.

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